Residential Survey & Valuation



W-Y-P Gledhill provide land and property appraisals and valuations for both public and private sector clients. In addition, we continue to offer the full suite of RICS Home Surveys to private clients. We also provide CPR Part 35 (court) compliant Expert Witness reports, Specific Defect reports, and Party Wall services. We can help to settle boundary disputes, draw up Land Registry compliant plans, and offer consultancy services regarding your building's Right to Light.


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RICS Valuation & Home Surveys


RICS 'Red Book' Valuations of Land and Property

We provide valuations of land and buildings that are of use for development appraisals, accounting/audit purposes, inheritance planning, probate, divorce proceedings, Help to Buy etc. These valuations are really about value alone, and offer relatively little detail on matters peripheral to market value.


RICS 'Level 1' Condition Report

This is a simplified, economical version of the RICS Level 2 Report, and is aimed at those who want a guide as to the condition of the home they are about to buy, without the expense of a Level 2 survey.


RICS 'Level 2' Home Survey & Valuation

This is a report designed by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, only to be undertaken by one of their members. It is a more detailed inspection of the property, which includes an insurance reinstatement figure, and a valuation. Its aim is essentially to assist the purchaser in assessing whether the property provides reasonable value for money.


RICS ' Level 3' Building Survey

These surveys are much more detailed, and provide a comprehensive report about the current condition of the property. This type of survey is the most thorough one available. The survey will examine all accessible parts of the property and, if you wish to have any specific areas looked at, this type of survey is the right choice.

Our Building Survey is suitable for all types of property, whether they are listed, unusual or old, whether you wish to perform renovation work on them or whether the property has already had extensions added to it. This means that this survey is preferred for all buildings which may be regarded as 'non-standard'. The survey does not include a market valuation, but the surveyor will include one for a small additional charge if you request it. However, it is more likely that the Building Survey will be commissioned for other reasons, as a valuation may usually have been undertaken separately. The main details of the Building Survey will include:


  • All major and minor faults found within the property, and the implications that these will have.

  • How much the repairs for urgent defects will cost.

  • Testing for dampness of the walls, and results for these tests.

  • Testing of all accessible woodwork for damp and woodworm, and the results of these tests.

  • Investigation into the condition of damp proofing, insulation and superficial drainage, (although underground drains will not be tested).

  • Technical information about how the property was constructed, and materials which were used in the process.

  • Information about the location of the property and its grounds, including implications relating to, for example, unadopted roads, shared access, rights of way, Japanese Knotweed.

  • Proposals for any further special inspections and subsequent work which may need to be done on the property.

For RICS Home Surveys, fees are based on your purchase price and lead in times can vary. We ask that you contact us using the box on our home page to discuss fees and timescales for these services.